Testimonials from Students and Industry Professionals

'he is one of the Best Kickers this generation has to offer. Keep up the good work'

- Mark Houghton

'Chris Jones is a excellent Kickers, he teaches the most advanced kicks step by step and develops you from ground up. Before you know it your able to do the simple side kick to 360 turning kick in no time at all. Thank you Chris for your hot tips'

- Kul Shergill 

 'Chris Jones is an awesome  martial artist with advanced aerial kicks that are both powerful and spectacular. I've only trained in a short session with him teaching with some round/hook kick work on the pads and learnt a lot to improve my own kicks and foot placement for power and balance.'

-Wayne Owens

'One of the best kicking exponents i know. Skill set is second to none . Great instructor and motivater. You have to train with this guy'

-Gordon Scott Russell