Teaching Kids Martial Arts Online

Drills to review for your own live classes

Teaching LIVE on social media can be a tricky thing, I totally get it!

On this website, you will find a collection of my 'go to' drills that I've tried and tested over the last month of lock-down.

This isn't a collection of technique tutorials, it's designed as a collection of lesson teaching concepts or frameworks. The content, 'what' you teach is totally up to you. The aim of these videos is to share how I've switched up the drills I use to teach my syllabus via video.

I also cover tips on how to get started, how to teach via live stream and what equipment you might need.

Help disguise the repetition, create better interaction and keep your students engaged, smiling and having fun.

As I create new content, it will be uploaded, revised and shared with you all.

**As a bonus I'll also be uploading the 'Daily Challenge' videos I post for my students each day**

Course Curriculum

What's included?

119 Videos
1 Text
3 PDFs

What others have been saying about this course:

Mark Davies


I've been in the Martial Arts for 40 years, teaching actively since 1987, & this is one of the most useful resources I've found for ideas to do on online training classes, & to add into the mix of what I teach in my kids classes when we re...

Mike Beard

Great content for Instructors

I purchased this course to give me some fresh ideas for teaching classes online as I just needed a bit of inspiration. Chris delivers this course in a great way giving you other ideas for each drill. Watching some of these videos helped me come up...

Baz Cilia

Online Martial Arts Drills and Content

I am a martial artist with near on 35 years experience and many years instructing. Chris Jones is my go to online resource when I need ideas to freshen up my training and instruction. So it was without hesitation that I signed up to this package. ...

Chris Jones
Chris Jones

About the instructor

Chris Jones has been training in Martial Arts for the past 30+ years. Originally training in the WTF Taekwon-do system, Chris went on to train in ITF Taekwon-do under former world champion Master Kim Stones. In 1999 Chris passed his Black Belt Test and around the same time began teaching full-time. In 2002 Chris opened his own full-time center whilst at the same time pursuing a career in TV and film, this opened the door for Chris to cross-train, learning many new styles of kicking to complement his traditional and competition experience.

Some of Chris's Martial Arts achievement include

* Performing at the Royal Variety Performance to Queen & and other members of the Royal Family

* Working in China and around Europe on multiple film and TV shows

* Winning multiple national and local awards for teaching

*Becoming the UK ambassador to Jackie Chan's 'Dragons Heart Europe' Charity

*Being selected as a coach ambassador for 'Fighting For Autism'

*Being Fight Choreographer to a number of award winning/nominated Action Movies

Chris continues to teach daily from his school in the UK and is a regular guest instructor for other schools as well as events all across the UK and Europe. For further information on Chris's work, please get in touch for more details.


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