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What others have been saying about this course:

Bob Mycroft

Excellent course - massive help at grading time

Very impressed with the online course - it covers the syllabus in its entirety from Little Dragons through to the end of Phase Three Adults and then also has a "bonus" section of the techniques. Each technique, pattern and drill has its own video...

Tyler Dutton

Great value !

Wow I really didn't realise how much was on here. Definitely worth the money. And all the way to black belt too. ITS A BARGAIN !!!! all very helpful great to help remember what's learnt in class ready for next grading! :)

mandy ward

Most helpful and best purchase made

This online syllabus has helped my son tremendously, its built his confidence up knowing if hes struggling with something in class that he can practice at home and have the videos to confirm hes doing it right. Towards gradings its being an absol...

Dave Warren

Brilliant teaching aid.

An invaluble teaching aid, if like me, you need a lot of repetition before information goes in. Clearly set out so you can find specifics. Being able to use the slow motion feature is also very useful. Highly recommend to everyone from Little Dra...

charlotte bryceson

Charlotte Bryceson

Fantastic syllabus , well used by both me and my son , it’s been such a big help to be able to refer to the syllabus from home. My 6 year old son likes to watch it all at the weekend he’s constantly practicing since I bought it, worth every penny .

James Whitaker

Fantastic teaching and revision aid

Really happy with my purchase of the online course. It is a clear and comprehensive revision of the course syllabus. Chris and his instructor team have broken down each Pattern, Hand drill, Sparring drill, Pad drill and One step into easy to follo...

Gosia Przybyl

Great course

Great course to practice at home. My son gained so much more confidence before the grading!

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Welcome to our official online learning resource for CJMAA Knaresborough. Here you will find video content on all our current syllabus.

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Little Dragons - All forms and drills

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Adults - Phase 1, 2 & 3

As well as a complete syllabus list, this course also includes a comprehensive kicking course worth £29.99 for FREE! 

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